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I’m starting to freak out a little! June 27, 2008

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Well, this whole visa thing isn’t going so great and it’s only been, what, 2 days? 

Yesterday, I started to get worried because when I thought that the USCIS center was processing applications in 6 months, I was looking at the wrong place.  I was looking at the California center, not the Nebraska center where the paperwork told me to file.  When I checked the Nebraska time frames, they’re running at about 10 months!

Well, today I can’t tell if it’s gotten better or worse.  When I checked the delivery status of my letter online today, it said it got to Nebraska yesterday, but then went on to California!  I was so confused.  I called the post office and all they could tell me was that there was a change of address filed for the Nebraska address and my letter was forwarded to California.  So, I got on the USCIS website just now to try and figure out what the hell is going on.  Turns out that they are forwarding all mail to California for my particular application.  However, the only way I found that little bit of information out was by digging around in their press room page.  There is no link to this anywhere near the actual form page and the form itself still does not reference the address change.  How are people supposed to know these things or even know to look for them?  I really hope this extra day in the mail doesn’t end up messing with the acceptance date.  This is so frustrating.

I guess the only silver lining to this cloud is that it is being processed at the California center which is on the 6 month timeframe.


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