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Fresh start for 2013 December 31, 2012

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   Well, I thought this blog had been deleted but thankfully, it’s still here. I’ve been wanting to give this whole blogging thing another try lately and I’ m going for it. I’ m going to be talking about life as a mother of a young daughter, my opinion of things happening around the world, and the two different worlds that my Brasilian husband and my American self find ourselves trying to straddle. The blog name came about due to this struggle. No matter which country we live in, one half of our duo will be an expat. Sometimes this can lead to tough moments but it also provide some great funny moments. 

   So, hopefully I’ll be able keep this up. I have lots of things to say and have previously struggled with expressing my voice & opinions. I’ m going to make this work! I may never have any readers but ultimately I’m not doing this to be popular. I’ m doing this to help put order and coherence to my thoughts. So, I guess this all leads up to this proclamation of the day: STAY TUNED.Image


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